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Spring Water RV Village is a Monthly and Seasonal RV Park, unfortunately reservations are not accepted for anything shorter than a period of 1 month (see below for more info).

Monthly Rate                                                                            $450
Seasonal Rate (May 1st -October 1st)                            $1,875 ($375/month)
Free winter camper storage available for full seasonal contracts

All rentals include full hookups:

  • Sewer
  • Water (B-Y Rural Water)
  • Cable TV (Midcontinent)
  • Electric (rates vary based upon usage)

Access to the following unique amenities:


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Long Term Camping
Spring Water RV Village is designed as a long term RV Park, ideally bringing campers back year after year.  Not only does this provide a "neighborhood" feel for the campers, but it translates to less traffic and wear on the park. We like to get to know our campers and cater to their needs.  While we don't wish to turn away short term campers, this park is just not designed for this purpose.  Yankton provides a tremendous offering of short term campsites which are available for daily use, this link will provide a detailed list of those parks:
Lewis and Clark Recreation Area


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Can a Seasonal Camp Site Save Me Money?
The answer in many cases is yes, however it's very simple to find out for sure.  Let's use an example of a family living in Lincoln Nebraska, we'll call them the Smith family.  The Smith's recently purchased a Ford Super Duty to pull their newer 5th wheel camper.  While the the truck pulls the camper very well, it also burns fuel very well. We'll use 8mpg as a pretty conservative example.

Lincoln is approximately 375 miles roundtrip from Yankton, so with the current fuel prices hovering around $3.50/gallon, the Smith's should budget about $165 for gas (or similar for diesel). Unfortunately the Chevy Impala they have sitting in the garage burns about 4 times less fuel at 33mpg, it would have been handy to bring this instead (see where we are going here?).

Since the daily use campgrounds tend to fill up months in advance, the Smith's have their camping weekends etched in stone (wouldn't it be cool to come and go whenever you find the time, not necessarily just the dates that you have locked in several months earlier?)  Using a standard long weekend of three nights, the Smith's could expect to pay about just under $50 for their short term camping location, but since they're not South Dakota residents, they should add about $7.50 to this tab (per trip).  They also want to bring their vehicle into the park, so add in $6/day (or $28/year).  This trip is starting to add up!

When they head home on Sunday, of course the Smith's need to hook the camper back up and tote it back to Nebraska.  Once there, they spend the standard two hours unloading the camper, cleaning things up, then Mr. Smith takes it back to the camper storage facility they pay about $40/month to use. Repeat this process for every trip, there and back.  Consider the idea of loading up into any vehicle you desire, grab the supplies you need for the weekend and hit the road.  No hookups, no trailers, a whole lot less hassle.  It sounds simple, doesn't it?

Did we mention the amenities that come along with picking your favorite location at Spring Water RV Village?  How does a kitchen, laundry room and plasma television sound?  Check out more of the features by clicking this link:
About the Park

If you camp twice a year, a seasonal type park may not be for you.  But, if you're camping a once or more per month, do the math for your scenario to see how things stack up.  We would love to have you here at Spring Water RV Village, however we want it to work well for you.  You may find that you come out ahead in terms of finances, but even more so in the headache and hassles that are eliminated with the planning, trailering and storage that are involved when you camp the same old way you have in the past.  You now have the flexibility to camp anytime, the spot is yours to use, it's not shared with other campers!  Just imagine driving up to your camper, unlocking the door and walking in, shouldn't all camping be relaxing and enjoyable like this?

Or, are you a snowbird?  Rather than an expensive home up north for the summer, Spring Water RV Village is a perfect solution to spending the warm months here.  When the cool whether comes around, either take your RV with you, or leave it stored with us!

Enjoy your newly found free time, we have plenty of amenities here to help you spend it!